Trust Your Bouncers

Last night while my friend and I were out at a bar, a man came up and tried to get us to take shots with him. When we declined he pushed harder. I got a very bad feeling from this and knew we needed to diffuse the situation and leave. 
As he became more forceful I gathered up our things and stood, all while she continued to keep calm and decline his offer. As we stood to leave he did the same, blocking our way to the door and saying “you’re not really leaving are you?”
At this point I said, loud enough to get attention, “no we’re leaving”. He proceeded to follow us to the door. I stopped at the bouncer and quickly explained the situation. He made sure he knew who I was talking about and then said “I’ll stop him you two go, get outta here”. 
We bee lined for the next place with a bouncer. I knew we could at least go in and if we were still being followed let that bouncer know. Thankfully I turned around and saw that we were no longer being followed. 
Ladies and gents, trust your instincts, stay calm, and trust your bouncers. 


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