Modesto Fashion Week

This week weekend has been one of style, networking, and making genuine connections with creatively talented people. Modesto Fashion Week was an incredible experience put on by Dressed209 that I can’t wait to have again!

I started fashion week with the Modesto artwork. Not only was a photographer friend of mine showcasing work, but there was also a beautiful Art of Fashion exhibit at the Chartreuse Muse downtown. The artwork was beautiful! From painted clothing to abstract runway looks, the exhibit had everything.

The Fashion Show of “The Century” was an event to remember. The venue was wonderfully decorated with white curtains and chandeliers. The show featured local designers, as well as a jewelry designer and a vintage designer  collection. I sat next to the mother and grandmother of one of the event team members. They were some of the sweetest and funniest people I have met.

I loved every collection in the show especially Institutionalized, Gypsie Marie, and the Vintage Collection by Cherita. I got especially excited whenever my friend Monique would walk down the runway, looking fierce as she always does!

After the show her and I headed down to the after party at Urbano’s where we met up with our boyfriends. We had a drink, danced, and talked to the many wonderful people who had worked so hard to put the event together. Ernesto and I, being the old fogies that we are, left a little early and got drive thru Jack in the Box before heading home for the night.

Saturday I put on my (borrowed) jumper and heading out the Lunch In Style Luncheon and Greens on Tenth. There I sat with some of the models from the show and talked lifestyles and careers.

After lunch we sat before a panel of speakers from the industry as they gave us tips and strategies for growing our professions. We got to ask our questions and get informative answers that I found to be very enlightening. The panel consisted of former owner of White Plum clothing Hilary Zwahlen, lifestyle photographer David Art, America’s Next Top Model cycle 4 contestant Lluvy Gomez, and international hair artist Drea Lecher. I felt so lucky to sit in front of these creative entrepreneurs and listen to their advice. It was truly a gift.

Finishing off fashion week was a mixer at Ralston’s Goat. To my vegetarian delight there was a delicious soyrizo scramble on the menu. If you make your way down to Ralston’s Goat for brunch, I highly recommend this dish. I met more creatives trying to work their way up in the industry here in the valley. I got to speak the event team about their plans for next year and the message they wanted this week to convey.

Here in Modesto there is a consistent theme of people feeling that they have to leave to follow their dreams. The Dressed209 team wanted to show that doesn’t have to be the case. There is a way to bring those possibilities here, you just have to start creating them. This week made me feel a little more love for, not just Modesto, but also this whole valley that I have grown up in. It’s easy to fall into the cliche of “the grass is always greener”, when in reality the grass is greener where you water it.

I’m so excited for next year, to see what other events the Dressed209 puts on, and to be there to witness it all unfold.



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