Kylie Lip Kit in Dolce K


It’s new. It’s in. It’s at the top of every makeup lover’s wish list: The Kylie Lip Kit. Because of my amazing aunt I have the privilege of owning my very own lip kit in Dolce K! I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the it, but I can honestly say it is now my favorite liquid lipstick! 

First of all, the packaging. Not only is the logo super cute, the box itself is also sturdy and light weight. For a few days after getting the Kylie Lip Kit I kept it in the box IMG_1331_Fotor(I was still too excited by the novelty) and carried it around that way. Even after being jostled about in my purse the box did not bend or crease.

I tend to have a difficult time with lip pencils. Until now I only had one that I never used, so I was nervous for this one. I was pleasantly surprised! The pencil glides across my lips while leaving an even, pigmented line. It is easy to use and correct if needed.

As for the lipstick itself, I couldn’t be happier with it! The applicator is a small doe foot tip that is easy to maneuver, spreading the lipstick evenly. The formula is watery without being watered down, highly pigmented, and lightweight. As long as I don’t over apply it, it doesn’t get caky.

I am able to wear it all day without having to reapply it. Occasionally, depending on whether I eat something very greasy, I have to reapply after eating. My absolute favorite thing about the formula, however, is the smell! I love overly sweet scents and the Kylie Lip Kit delivers! I have had a few liquid lipsticks that are great, but have a powerful chemical smell. I was so happy when that wasn’t the case here.

All in all, Dolce K is now my favorite liquid lipstick. IMG_2100_FotorIt is the perfect brown for my skin tone and goes with almost every makeup look. I keep in my purse at all times! With a formula this great I’m excited to try other Kylie colors!



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