Rediscovering Wellness

IMG_0657We all have routines that keep our minds at ease, our bodies relaxed, and our hearts in harmony. We work hard for this, but we often let the troubles of life take over and consume us. I’ve decided to reclaim these aspects of my life. 

Once upon a time I meditated once a day, was conscious of everything I put in to my body, took a daily multivitamin, and found a natural remedy for any ailment. As life has gotten busier I have let go of those practice, letting life take its toll on my body and mind. About a week ago I looked at myself in the mirror and said no more. It’s time to feel good again.

For this reason I’ve created a new section on this page. A wellness category. Here I will explore and document my methods, new and familiar, that I implement. I am so excited to find what works for me and get back in to one of my favorite habits, meditating!

I have started meditating everyday and I have already seen improvements. Rather than feel agitated by minor issues, I see them for what they are. I have started to feel more at ease in my current situations. Quieting the mind, even for just a moment, can do wonders.

If you have any wellness practices you love and think I should try, please reach out and share them with me! I’m so excited to venture down this path once again.



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