Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray


Nothing has your back quite like a good setting spray, but it’s even better when it can Slay All Day!

As you all know my favorite place to get makeup is The Makeup Bar in downtown Tracy. When I realized they had received the GC Slay All Day Spray, I knew I had to get it.

After testing all five of the delicious scents, I decided to go with Lemongrass! The scent was strong without being over powering. The scent remained for about thirty minutes after it was applied, but I was informed by my boyfriend that my face itself still smells like lemon for a few hours.

The spray itself is light and leaves my face feeling fresh after use. It goes on moist and almost oily, but as it dries gives your face a matte finish. I use it after applying makeup and again in the middle of the day to refresh my look.

As for setting my makeup it held up. Being someone who workout at on her lunch, I needed something that was going to last. This spray does just that. Yes I do get a little oily, but I didn’t expect anything else. My makeup did not melt off, smear, or even look different. This is hands down my favorite beauty product!



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