6 Ways to Brighten Your Work Day


Working as a data entry clerk gets monotonous quickly. Make it eight hours a day and it’s damn near lethal. Fortunately, I have found ways to make my day feel a little easier and sometimes quicker.

Most people dread going to work in the morning, especially when it’s not their dream job. Those of us who see it as part of their ever growing career find ways to make each hour a little better. These are the steps I take to make my day a little brighter!

1. Decorate
Nothing makes me happier at work then when I take a moment to look away from my computer and see my little, pink cactus. As edgy and blacked out as my style is, I do like a lot of frilly things.
imageIn addition to my cactus I also have a small zen garden, cute figurines, artwork, and this adorable printable calendar!

2. A Good Playlist
There is no sound like that of low murmurs and keyboard clicks. It is almost impossible to drown out. That’s why it’s so important to set up a good playlist. Nothing get’s me through the day like an upbeat hip hop mix. I usually work to the beat, and with a daily quota it’s important to work fast. I actually tend to listen to my workout playlist!

3. Catch Up On Some Podcasts
If music isn’t your thing use your eight hours to start a new podcast! Some of my favorites are Welcome To Night Vale (A quirky news channel for the fictional town of Night Vale), Fresh Air (NPR’s podcast about contemporary arts and issues), and Ladies Who Lunch (A podcast hosted by YouTubers Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes). Just be sure not to get distracted!

4. Liven Up Your Hydration
It’s important to hydrate, but water can get so boring! I have fallen in love with doTerra oils, especially my lemon one. When I want something tasty to drink, but want to stay hydrated, I put a few drops of lemon oil in my water. It makes it a little sweeter and I end up drinking more water.

5. Be Comfortable
I cannot stress how much comfort makes a difference. I sat in the most uncomfortable chair for a month and didn’t realize it was the reason I was so grumpy. Once I changed it I felt ten times better. I also have a small foot stool and a blanket. I find I work harder when I’m comfortable.

6. Take Breaks
Not long ones. Taking too long or too many breaks can get you into trouble, but a quick trip to get water every few hours won’t hurt you. It’s a good way to stretch your legs and pull your eyes away from a screen. It’s unhealthy to sit in one spot staring endlessly at a computer!



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