Busy, Tired Days


As some of you know i like to post these little updates when i have been absent for awhile. Things have felt a little out of control lately and I have taken a few days to collect my thoughts.

I am not quite about my struggle with depression. I decided awhile back that it is part of who I am and I will not deny my true self. It has been causing a heavy feeling these last few days.

My family and I have also been very busy with house work. It’s a lot of physical work and my poor out of shape body is telling me it’s time to start exercising again. I am thinking of starting Barre as well as starting yoga again, but I am open to suggestions!

On a lighter note, I have a shoot on Sunday with another one in the works! It has felt really great to put aside time for one of my biggest passions.

I have a few reviews on the wait list, so keep an eye out!



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