Winding Down


With everything being so busy lately, I’ve had to remind myself to relax. Here are some of the ways I take time for myself.

A Warm Shower
Sometimes I just need a shower where I take an extra second to do everything. I massage the shampoo in a little longer, I use my coffee scrub, I turn on the back massager, etc. It feels nice to pamper yourself even in small ways.

I’m a big believer in meditation. Letting go of the tasks and thoughts cluttering your mind can be quite freeing. It leaves me feeling lighter and more relieved.

A Nap
And then there are times when nothing feels better than just sleeping, even if it’s only for an hour.

Reading A Book
When I read it’s like jumping in to a whole other world. I get to be whoever is telling the story. Trading in my own problems for someone elses, which are sometimes way worse, makes me feel like I can accomplish anything!

Cooking A Real Meal
Cooking takes my mind off of things because I’m not a very good cook. I have to focus way more. At the end it always tasted good and makes me feel better than a drive-thru burger ever would, and it’s better for me!

Nothing feels better than yoga (except for that nap of course) and it’s my favorite format of exercise. It’s keeps me fit and winds me down.


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