“Joy” A Film for World Suicide Prevention Day

A huge thank you to my friend, Hayden Fletcher at White Raven Productions, for letting me be a part of this film.
I have never wanted to share my story. I was afraid to, honestly. Today, I am not afraid. Today I am here to help those who need it, and are afraid to ask.
I was not unlike this girl. In high school I fell in to a place I thought I’d never be. I felt nothing. No happiness. No pain. No sadness. No joy. I poked, bruised, scratched, cut, and burned myself just to feel anything. I thought “If I can’t feel alive, then why should I be?”
Like a light in the dark, an ad for To Write Love On Her Arms appeared on my Tumblr dashboard. I reached out. The words of love and kindness I received were more than I ever thought they could be. They gave me the strength to persevere. They gave me the courage to reach out to those around me, not only for help, but to help.
Without TWLOHA and the support system I built, I would not be here today. Do I wake up every morning happy? No. Do I still have depression? Yes. Do I still have days where I can’t feel a thing? Yes, but that day ends and I feel again. I feel so much. I feel happiness. I feel pain. I feel sadness. I feel joy.
You are not alone. Someone was there for me. Someone will be there for you. I will be there for you. We will understand. You do not have to be afraid of what we will think. Reach out.
If someone you know is showing signs of depression and suicidal thoughts, be there for them. Your kindness and care could be the last step to saving their life. Reach out.
Hope is real.
Help is real.
We’ll see you tomorrow.


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