Cotton On Brand and Foundation

04CottonOnEdenLet me tell you about my favorite brand, Cotton On! I discovered Cotton On a few years back when a friend gave me tee shirt of theirs. I instantly fell in love. It was soft and hung in all the right places. It was only a year after that when I visited a Cotton On store for the first time. After that I wasn’t just in love with their clothes, I was in love with their company. 

eden tote

The Cotton On Foundation got their beginning when they gave a donation to complete the production of a healthcare center in Mannya, Uganda. Thanks to their members and customers, the Cotton On Foundation is now working in Uganda and many other global communities to help build a healthy and sustainable life. All the proceeds from their Cotton On Group products go straight to building these better futures.

Their wide variety of products can be found in their Cotton On clothing stores like bracelets, necklaces, tote bags, bottled water, and mints in an assortment of packages. They also sell different blends of coffee beans and collaborate with designers to bring fresh products to help those in need. You can check out the work they are doing and all of their products here.

Aside from their incredible mission, I adore their clothes! I always find something incredible and never leave empty handed. My first purchase their was a black Ramones hoodie that I knew I needed the moment I picked it up. IMG_0415

They also seem to be the only retailer that sells bottoms that fit me just the way I like. They have become my one stop spot for jeans and shorts. Yesterday’s trip was to grab some new shorts before the really hot weather set in. The tees were a bonus find!

I’m not a fan of the new shorts trend where the bottom on your bum shows. I like full coverage when it comes to my clothing. Cotton On’s classic fit shorts give me the coverage I want while not looking like Bermuda’s. I got a pair of mid rise and high rise shorts so I could have multiple styles.

Shop Cotton On’s stylish and comfortable clothing here.

01CottonOnEden 03CottonOnEden 05CottonOnEden IMG_0470 IMG_0429


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