90’s Grunge

DSCN0475_Fotor You can force this girl out of the 90’s, but you can’t force the 90’s out of this girl. Even though it’s been hot as hell I couldn’t resist wearing this yesterday.

I saw my flannel and  Docs in the closet and just knew they had to be worn. I wore my favorite pair on Cotton On jeans and a plain black tank from Target. I wanted to keep my basics simple so that my other pieces would make the statement.

I pulled my trusty green flannel out of my closet and kept it tied around my waist. It can get cold at my warehouse job, so my wrap around was also used to stay warm throughout the day.

Nothing beats my cherry red Doc Martins. They are by far my favorite boots. They really wrapped up the 90’s theme of my outfit. I accessorized with a metal sun choker necklace and a stone bracelet. DSCN0480_Fotor DSCN0481_FotorDSCN0482_Fotor DSCN0486_Fotor DSCN0489_Fotor


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