Review: LimeCrime Velvetine in Wicked


Last week I purchased my first LimeCrime product. I have been so excited about getting my own Velvetine ever since I used my friend’s in Cashmere. So finally last week I put in the order for my own! 


Thursday I received my Velvetine in Wicked. I was so excited that I put it on before I was even ready for my day. It smells like creme brûlée and was easy to apply. It took me a few times to get the lip line just right. I suggest using a lip liner. As you can see, I didn’t this time around.

Screenshot_2015-06-07-15-47-17-1_FotorThe color is a rich, deep red and turns matte very quickly. It did take me a bit of time to get an even coat on my lips. I did notice that when too much is applied, it doesn’t dry completely and gets a little gritty. One or two light coats should do it.

I like that the color doesn’t fade throughout the day. I did have to re-apply after eating a meal, but it only came off along the inside of my lips.

It is a bit of a pain to get off. I suggest using a make-up remover or coconut oil if you want a more natural route. Soap and water will do it too, it will just take a lot longer. I used my Lush lip scrub and soap to get it off. Worked like a charm!

Over all I love my new lipstick and can’t wait to get more colors! It smells amazing, looks great, and has a rich color that I absolutely love!

To get your own LimeCrime lipstick and other products, visit LimeCrime online!


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