Stripes, Bows, and Big Jewellery: Dressing for Kate Spade Without Wearing Kate Spade

DSCN0457_FotorI love stripes. Anyone who knows me knows that it’s one of my go to patterns. Working at Kate Spade, it’s easy to dress to brand when I have so many items with stripes.

I tried to keep cool at work yesterday by wearing this short dress from Forever 21. The fabric is light and breathable, while not being see through.DSCN0450_Fotor

I ditched my faux leather flats and went with a pair of light weight, lo-pro Vans. They stayed a lot cooler than my flats and were much easier to work in.DSCN0454_Fotor

Kate Spade is all about statement jewellery, so I went for a big necklace and big earrings. I like to keep to my own style, so I went with this green and steel filigree necklace and my painted earrings from my great grandmother.DSCN0447_Fotor

I finished it off with a bow belt. Nothing says Kate Spade quite like bows!DSCN0448_Fotor

Over all my look was cool, comfortable, and perfect for my work look and everyday look.


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