A Day In San Francisco


Wednesday, we made our way to The City to celebrate our anniversary doing our favorite thing: adventuring. In my mind, an adventure does not need to take you to a new country or up a mountain. Adventuring can just be trying a new place or doing new things. Our adventure started Wednesday night and continued into Thursday. We ate delicious food, got lost in the botanical gardens, and wandered the shops of Haight. The perfect adventure for us.

Wednedsay night we left work and headed into SF where his friend was letting us stay with her in her apartment. Rachel was the sweetest host and her dog Tanner was fun company. She took us to dinner at The Bell Tower, a mix between a pub and restaurant with it’s own cultural confusion. The food was amazing and according to Ernesto, the boyfriend, the beer was pretty good too. Being only a small walk from the apartment was convenient.20150528_120559_Fotor

We woke up warm to a beautiful view of the city hills and the bay. Our kind host let us shower before another, slightly longer, walk down to Toast. Toast is a friendly diner with incredible breakfast and hot coffee. Any place could probably win me over with hot coffee, though. Not ever being a fan of any hollandaise sauce I have ever tasted I was nervous to try any Eggs Benedict. 20150528_112839_FotorMy worries were put to rest once I tasted the flavor. I liked the place not only for the good food, but also for the staff who were friendly and kind to anyone who walked in. There was a variety of people from bums who were spending what they had earned for the week to business folk who were off to work shortly after. Everyone was treated equally.

After breakfast we thanked our host and went off to start our day. The botanical gardens were beautiful. The asian gardens were dense with stone lanterns and a beautiful deck that extended out over a small lake. Flowers were in bloom and birds could be seen and heard flying around.

Being the little hipster that I tend to be I completely freaked out when I saw the succulent garden. Each one had it’s own colors and flowers. Ernesto learned the (slightly) hard way that they will poke you.

DSCN0409_FotorThe California gardens included a small Redwood forest. Both of us took a huge breath through the nose upon walking in. To me it smelled like camping as a child.

The gardens included plants from the different eras and periods. Gardens dedicated to Australia and Africa covered the backside of the property. I’m not entirely sure I saw everything, but I tried.DSCN0389_Fotor

After the Botanical Garden we walked through the Rose garden, where roses smelled like everything from sweet cream to melons and citrus. The Shakespeare garden caught the heart of the romantic in me. Small flowers lined the walkway and a small, hidden opening in the tress gave way to a bench tree. We picnicked in front of the fountain and enjoyed the cool air.DSCN0426_Fotor

After eating and deciding to visit Haight, I used my phone to call my first Uber. It was a short wait and the driver was very friendly. Much better than walking in the cold air. On Haight we wandered in and out of small shops. I completely forgot I had my camera, which is why there are no photos from this part of our trip.DSCN0378_Fotor

In the oddities shop Loved To Death I picked up a new Bukowski book and a set of Tim Burton playing cards. Ernesto stuck to the true purpose of the shop and bought a unique tie pin that is shaped like a sword.

Having never been in an Amoeba music store I insisted we needed to go. It never takes much to convince him to go into a music store. I got lost in the endless rows of music. I left with four new cd’s: One Bon Iver, one Damien Rice, and two Angus and Julia Stone.

Spicy mocha in hand, we Uber’d back to our parking garage and headed home. Tired and happy at heart we crawled into bed together with our pets, falling asleep with smiles on our faces. There’s nothing quite like experiencing new places and things with a soul I truly love. It was such a lovely anniversary adventure. I’m already planning next year’s!F

For more photos from this trip, check out my photos page.


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